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The most widespread site vocations

Having a showcase site

The purpose of a showcase site is to provide a company with an online presence.

Having an e-commerce site

E-commerce sites are essential for online shops, so that one can make more clients.

Have catalog sites

Merchant sites are necessary to provide a more detailed view of the company’s products.

Having sites for blogs

The blog is useful in order to inform Internet users about the evolution of the company.

The stages of designing a website

To successfully design a custom website, like Auto Blog for instance, you need to follow a few steps. Starting with an analysis of your needs. Then, we must plan a project that suits the needs and requirements of the company. Implementation, design and realization are the last steps.

Graphic design and webdesign

Graphic design is important for the design of a website. If it is successful, then it becomes simpler to get the relevant and clear message across to web users. It also helps to make the company’s services known to the public.

Websites referencing

Web referencing or SEO is essential for the development of each page. It is a technique that consists in optimizing the placement of a site on search engines.

For the optimization of the contents of a website, design, graphics and SEO are complementary.

Web marketing

Web marketing: what is it?

For web development, web marketing is considered as an essential step to improve the visibility of a site on the Internet. The strategy used can be implemented in the hands of the experts of a web agency. It also concerns advertising techniques to make a company’s services known.

The Visual Identity: Why is it important?

Visual identity is considered as the DNA of a company or a brand. It changes from company to company. Depending on the design, its role is to disseminate the values as well as the prestige of the organization, like in the case of Tester Auto. This is why it must be relevant. This virtual communication must be put in the hands of experts.

What is the use of social networks

The usefulness of social networks

Social media is considered as a fast and reliable means of communication.

What are web applications for?

Why do we need mobile apps?

The mobile application allows each user to easily access a company’s services.

Animations & micro-interactions

Why micro-interactions are important ?

Micro-interactions are essential to create a better user experience.

Why web hosting?

Web Hosting: what is it?

A web server is used to ensure the accessibility of websites to users in a secure manner.

Why should you consult a publicity agency?

A communication agency has all the necessary expertise for the creation, referencing and development of a website such as Auto Conseils.